Oval Cut

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MollyJewelryUS Vintage Rose Gold Oval Cut 4x6mm Moissanite Engagement ring
Original price was: USD$320.Current price is: USD$270.
Original price was: USD$394.Current price is: USD$355.
MollyJewelryUS Oval Cut Moissanite Yellow Gold Engagement ring
Original price was: USD$325.Current price is: USD$255.
Original price was: USD$600.Current price is: USD$480.
Original price was: USD$520.Current price is: USD$450.
Original price was: USD$398.Current price is: USD$346.
MOLLYJEWELRY Yellow gold Oval cut Moissanite Engagement Ring Set
Original price was: USD$680.Current price is: USD$612.
Original price was: USD$464.Current price is: USD$410.
MOLLYJEWELRY 79mm Oval cut Moissanite Rose Gold Engagement Ring
Original price was: USD$520.Current price is: USD$420.
MOLLYJEWELRY Gold Moissanite Wedding Sets
MollyjewelryUS  Yellow Gold Oval 3 Carat Moissanite Engagement Ring
Original price was: USD$900.Current price is: USD$729.
Original price was: USD$313.Current price is: USD$280.
Original price was: USD$600.Current price is: USD$550.
MOLLYJEWELRY 57mm Oval Cut Gold Moissanite Ring
Original price was: USD$454.Current price is: USD$380.
MOLLYJEWELRY Rose Gold Lab Emerald Engagement Ring
Original price was: USD$386.Current price is: USD$348.
Original price was: USD$687.Current price is: USD$509.
Original price was: USD$243.Current price is: USD$219.
Original price was: USD$526.Current price is: USD$420.
MOLLYJEWELRY Rose Gold Opal Engagement Ring
Original price was: USD$371.Current price is: USD$334.
Original price was: USD$540.Current price is: USD$490.

Many People Love How the Length of Oval Cut Diamonds Flatters Their Fingers. Unlike Round, Length-To-Width Proportions Aren’t Standardized So You Can Pick the Look You Like Best. Oval Cut Diamonds Look Great With Diamond Pavé-Set Bands. Their Timeless Shape AlsoLends Itself Well to Vintage Styles.