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White Gold Emerald Cut Black Onyx Engagement Ring
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MOLLYJEWELRY Pear shped White gold Black Onyx Curved wedding band
Oval cut Black onyx engagement ring
Original price was: USD$330.Current price is: USD$253.
Original price was: USD$305.Current price is: USD$270.

Black onyx is a beautiful gemstone that has long been used in jewelry design. With its deep black hue and rich history, black onyx is a popular choice for engagement rings. Here’s the basic information you need to know about black onyx rings:

Culturally, black onyx inspires confidence, concentration, and overcoming life’s challenges. As a powerful talisman, it imbues courage to face difficulties with an unshakeable inner equilibrium.

Onyx presents themes of responsibility, emotional control, and strength of character. It also emphasizes focus, determination, and following projects through to completion with patience and perseverance.

To tribes like Navajo, onyx meant strength, protection from evil, and connection between earth and sky. They saw its Yin/Yang colors as representing the balance of masculinity and femininity.

Onyx is fairly water resistant, but sudden temperature changes or extended moisture exposure could potentially cause stress cracks. For casual wear, it’s fine to get damp but best to remove jewelry before bathing, swimming, etc.

Properly cared for, a black onyx ring will hold up well over many years. Onyx ranks 7 on hardness, providing durable protection against scratches. Just avoid harsh chemicals that could damage its polished surface over time.

Black onyx makes a wonderful everyday stackable ring or pendant. Its jet-black color seamlessly matches any outfit while bolstering poise throughout frequent wear. Onyx pairs particularly well with silver, gold, or gunmetal gray.

Traditionally the ring finger suits black onyx, though it stylishly adorns middle or index fingers too. For everyday confidence, try the dominant hand’s ring finger or wear a stack on each hand. Alternating wrists adds balance.

The left represents receiving, right giving energy. Trust intuition regarding flow. For daily tasks, try right hand to maximize focus while relaxing left hand sports onyx at night.

In summary, black onyx rings deliver a touch of mystique wherever worn. Their versatile aesthetics and substantive properties make wonderful everyday accent pieces for any ensemble or occasion requiring poise and focus. Onyx always empowers its wearer.

It depends on quality factors like ring details and gemstone characteristics, but generally speaking, black onyx is affordable.

  • Color Intensity: One of the primary characteristics that impacts black onyx pricing is the richness and saturation of its black color. Stones with a very deep, pure black hue without hints of gray are more desirable and expensive. Lighter or unevenly colored onyx will sell for less. Vivid black specimens can demand a premium.
  • Clarity: Like other gemstones, clarity is another key pricing attribute for Black Onyx. Large eye-clean stones without inclusions, fractures, or blemishes visible to the naked eye have increased value. Included or opaque onyx is more abundantly available and affordable. Top quality gem-grade onyx suitable for fine jewelry holds its price well.
  • Size: In general, larger carat weights of onyx fetch higher per-carat costs. A 1 carat gem may sell for $50-100 while one over 5 carats could reach $400-800 per carat depending on additional quality factors. Small rough or tumbled stones under 1/4 carat are the most reasonably priced onyx.