Ring Size guide

How To Determine Ring Size When Shopping Online?

Online shopping opens us up to a richer variety of choices, but it can be a challenge when comes to purchasing something as valuable as jewelry – it’s hard to be sure of the fit without trying it on!

At MollyJewelryUS, we totally understand your concerns, so we make this guide to help you make the decision easier.

Before you read any further, please be aware that our warranty does not cover resizing. Okay, the following method will guide you through the measurement!

1) Measure your existing rings

* If you already have a ring that fits perfectly, but you are not sure about its size: Measure the inside diameter and the bandwidth by placing a ruler above or below.

* Please send us some photos according to the following pictures, we will assist you in choosing the correct size!

2) Use a ring size kit to find out the perfect size

* If you don’t have a ring and don’t know your size at all, this would be the best way to take your measurements! Since it’s metallic, it will be more flattering to the wearer of the ring, and we can easily tell exactly what size you need by checking the inner diameter. All you need to do is pick out the one that makes you feel most comfortable, take a photo according to Method 1, and send it to us.

3) Use a ring sizer for the measurement

* Please don’t snap it too tightly or loosely, make sure it can turn around on your finger, but there are no gaps. Sending us a picture of wearing it on your finger would be helpful for the judgment.

4) Measure the circumference of your finger

Notice: The following methods are usually used as a secondary insight, as the measurements are always 1-3 sizes larger than the actual size. Please measure multiple times to ensure errors are minimized. Additionally, please let us know your/her height and weight as a reference if you intend to use this method.

* Use a strip of paper or a piece of string around your finger and mark the overlap. Then, take it off, make sure it is straight, and measure from the beginning to the overlap. 

* If you can send us a photo of how you measured that would be best, if not, please send us a photo of the measuring strip or string.

* If you can send us a photo of how you measured that would be best, if not, please send us a photo of the ruler on the strip!

5) Get sizing at your local jeweler

Notice: If you are going to visit a jeweler for the sizing, please ask them to let you know the bandwidth they usually use. Please kindly understand that a ring with a narrow band will fit slightly larger on the same size, while a ring with a wider band will fit more snugly. The reasoning is simple: the more metal on your finger, the more space it takes up and the tighter it will fit.

In conclusion: If you are measuring at home, sending us pictures of your measuring process is a very important step. 

If you need any assistance, please get in touch with us at service@mollyjewelryus.com