Sapphire Rings

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MollyjewelryUS Diamond And Sapphire Engagement Ring Set
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MOLLYJEWELRY Yellow Gold Oval Green Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring
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MollyJewelryUS Vintage Yellow Gold Oval Cut 5x7mm White Sapphire Engagement ring
MOLLYJEWELRY Rose Gold Sapphire Engagement Ring
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MollyjewelryUS White Sapphire Engagement Ring
MOLLYJEWELRY White gold Green Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring
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Original price was: USD$1,006.Current price is: USD$900.
MOLLYJEWELRY Rose Gold Lab Sapphire Engagement Ring
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MollyJewelryUS White Gold Natural Sapphire Curved Stacking Wedding Band
MOLLYJEWELRY White Gold Lab Sapphire Engagement Ring
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MOLLYJEWELRYUS Pear Shaped Sapphire Engagement Ring
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MOLLYJEWELRYUS Green Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring Set

Sapphires are increasingly favored by brides-to-be for their vivid blue hue. With colored gemstone engagement rings now a popular trend, sapphire engagement rings distinguish themselves from other rings. Understand the unique appeal of this colored gem and choose a distinctive ring for her.

While the value varies depending on qualities like cut, color, and clarity – just like with diamonds – Sapphires are still highly coveted gemstones.

Generally speaking, the most valuable and expensive Sapphire colors are padparadscha, followed by rare medium to dark tones of purple, pink, and green. However, rarity is not the only factor – cut, clarity, size, and historical importance also affect price. Large fine-quality pure blue Sapphires can still command top prices, as that hue is the traditional precious gem variety.

Here is a table comparing average per carat prices of some popular Sapphire colors:


Average Price/Carat


Wearing a Sapphire ring can have personal significance depending on one’s culture and beliefs. In many regions, Sapphires symbolize wisdom, trust, sincerity, and commitment. They are often given or worn as an expression of these values.

Some believe Sapphires protect the wearer from envy and harm, and that it’s bad luck to give a Sapphire as a gift without also giving money. There are also associations with trust, loyalty, and wisdom. Touching a Sapphire is said to cleanse it from negative energies.

Those born under the zodiac signs of Virgo, Libra, and Pisces are said to resonate most with Sapphire’s energies. Sapphires are thought to bring wisdom, improve communication, and foster creative self-expression – qualities these signs value. However, all signs can certainly benefit from and enjoy wearing Sapphires!

Just like all gemstones, the color, clarity, and cut have a vital influence on the appearance and quality of a sapphire. Sapphires over 3 carats that meet stringent grading standards for these attributes can be considered exceptional quality gems.

  • Color Statistically, the rarest color for natural Sapphires is a beautiful orange-pink shade called padparadscha. Only a few dozen carats of this color come out of mines worldwide each year, making it extraordinarily scarce. Other uncommon hues include certain shades of purple, green, and yellow.
  • HueThe finest quality Sapphires display vivid pure color saturation without hints of other hues. They possess eye-clean clarity without inclusions visible to the naked eye.
  • Cut – Well-cut sapphires help enhance the color, luster, and brilliance of the gem. the best cuts are round brilliant, oval, cushion, or emerald to showcase fire and brilliance.

Here are several tests for identifying the authenticity of sapphires to ensure you get a real Sapphire.

  • First examine it under 10x magnification for inclusions and look for dichroism – the flickering of two different hues as the gem is rotated. Hold it over white paper – real Sapphires won’t scratch the paper.
  • You can also do specific gravity and refractive index testing in a lab. With experience examining gems, an expert can usually discern real Sapphires. Synthetic ones may have perfect clarity but lack soul.

Here are some tips when wearing blue Sapphires for maximum benefits:

  • Keep it cleansed, avoid lending or gifting without money/precious metals, chant positive mantras while wearing to charge its energies, touch stone daily to maintain protective blessings, switch hands every 6 months, face challenges head-on with confidence. Proper respect and care sustains Sapphire’s power to nourish personal growth and good fortune.
  • Sapphires make beautiful, classic, and meaningful engagement ring stones. Blue is especially popular as it coordinates with many outfits and evokes feelings of trust, loyalty, wisdom, and romantic love – ideals an engagement symbolizes. Pairing a Sapphire with diamond accents creates an elegant look.
  • Sapphire rings are typically worn on the ring finger of the left or right hand. For an engagement or wedding ring, the left ring finger