Opal Rings

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Rose Gold Oval Cut Opal Engagement Ring
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MOLLYJEWELRY Rose Gold Opal Engagement Ring
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MOLLYJEWELRY White Gold Opal Wedding Set
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MOLLYJEWELRY Yellow Gold Opal Engagement Ring
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MOLLYJEWELRYUS Pear Shaped Opal Engagement Ring
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MOLLYJEWELRY Rose Gold Opal Engagement Ring
MOLLYJEWELRY White Gold Oval cut Opal Engagement Ring

The mesmerizing play of color in Opal makes it a uniquely beautiful gemstone for rings. But those looking to buy or wear Opal jewelry often have questions. Below, we answer some commonly asked Opal ring FAQs.

The stunning rainbow flashes of Opal make it ideal for fashionable yet meaningful rings. But Opals require gentler care than most gems. Their water content makes them softer and prone to crazing if exposed to chemicals, heat, or sharp blows. With proper precautions, an Opal can make a lovely ring.

Opal is considered a symbol of hope, innocence, and purity. Its kaleidoscope color displays are said to reflect one’s inner self. Opal is also associated with love and passion. It’s historically been given as a token of strong romantic attachment, making it a popular choice for wedding bands and engagement rings.

Minimal metal bezel or halo settings are ideal for showcasing Opal‘s mesmerizing play of color. Flush settings and protective metal edging also provide needed durability. Opals look beautiful with both white and yellow metals. Vintage-inspired Opal rings are popular for their ornate filigree accents.

Indicators include a play-of-color display, a white base color, and a naturallooking pattern. Plastic and glass imitations lack Opal’s inner fireworks. Real Opal