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Moissanite Rings

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MollyJewelryUS Oval Cut Moissanite Yellow Gold Engagement ring
MOLLYJEWELRY Yellow gold Oval cut Moissanite Engagement Ring Set
MollyjewelryUS  Yellow Gold Oval 3 Carat Moissanite Engagement Ring
MOLLYJEWELRY Gold Moissanite Wedding Sets
MOLLYJEWELRY 79mm Oval cut Moissanite Rose Gold Engagement Ring
MOLLYJEWELRYvintage Unique rose gold Oval Moissanite engagement ring set
MOLLYJEWELRY 57mm Oval Cut Gold Moissanite Ring
MOLLYJEWELRY 1.5 carat Oval Moissanite Engagement Rings
Oval Moissanite engagement ring vintage yellow gold
white gold Oval halo moissanite Vintage engagement rings
MollyJewelryUS Oval Cut Moissanite Rose Gold Leaf Engagement Ring Set (4)

Set your sights on our exquisite collection of handcrafted moissanite engagement rings, moissanite wedding bands, and moissanite bridal sets. Each piece, from the simple to the ornate, modern to vintage, is a testament to the beauty and brilliance of true craftsmanship. Let your heart be captivated by the sheer radiance of our creations, and find the one that speaks to you.

For couples seeking a stylish and eco-friendly engagement ring, moissanite delivers sparkle and ethics at a fraction of the cost of a diamond. Understanding what makes this gemstone unique helps you select the perfect moissanite ring.

Discovered in 1893 by French chemist Henri Moissan, moissanite is incredibly rare in nature. Most moissanite gems today are lab-created silicon carbide crystals. This proprietary process results in near-colorless stones indistinguishable from diamonds.

With brilliance, luster, and hardness exceeding a diamond, moissanite makes a stunning center stone. As an eco-friendly, affordable alternative, moissanite rings attract modern couples.


  • Affordable – 1 ct. Moissanite stone costs approximately $500 vs. $5,000 for a diamond
  • Eco-friendly – Lab created, not mined; no environmental impact
  • Ethical – Not associated with unethical mining or labor practices
  • Brilliant – Extraordinary fire and brilliance from refractive properties
  • Durable – Excellent hardness and durability for everyday wear


  • Not a diamond – Some stigma still exists around alternative gemstones.
  • Limited resale value – Does not increase in value like diamonds.
  • Origins unclear – Must disclose if moissanite, not diamond
The average price for a 1-carat moissanite engagement ring is around $1,000 – $2,000. The table below compares the costs of diamonds:
Stone Type Avg Cost 1 ct.
Moissanite $500-$1000
Lab Diamond $2200
Mined Diamond $5000
Larger moissanite stones cost up to 80% less than natural diamonds. The savings mean couples can get the look they love at a more affordable price.

From minimalist to dramatic, moissanite rings come in many beautiful styles:

  • SolitaireCouples searching for a timeless and sophisticated engagement ring should consider moissanite solitaire rings. It can be featured in different shapes with different prong settings. The simplicity and elegance of this style make a lasting impression.
  • Side StoneMoissanite rings with side accent stones can create various