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✨ Celebrate her strength with thoughtful gifts - 10% OFF CODE: NSLT10 ✨

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Curved Wedding Bands

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MollyJewelryUS Unique Moissanite Rose Gold Leaf Curved Wedding Band
MollyJewelryUS White Gold Natural Sapphire Curved Stacking Wedding Band
MOLLYJEWELRY Black Rutilated Quartz White Gold Curved Wedding Band
MollyJewelryUS Unique Diamond Rose Gold Matching Curved Wedding Band

Curved wedding bands are a popular choice for their comfortable fit and ability to accent engagement rings. But many couples have questions when selecting the right contoured band. Below, we summarize some common FAQs.

Curved bands are ideal for pairing with low profile setting engagement rings, whether it’s solitaire engagement rings or side stone engagement rings, the slope of the curved band will fit nicely around the stone on the engagement ring. Additionally, MollyJewelryUS offers custom curvature services to make the perfect match between your engagement ring and the wedding band.

You certainly can wear a curved band solo without an engagement ring. Make sure to select a wider curved style or one with embellishments. The direction in which the tapered point faces is entirely up to your personal preference, and whether it’s up or down, a curved wedding band won’t make you feel uncomfortable.

It’s recommended to remove your band for safety reasons like electrical work or to prevent damage during strenuous activity. Some also remove bands temporarily if their hands are swelling. Beyond this, most couples wear their bands at all times as a symbol of marriage.

Most wear their band on the left ring finger, but some cultures place it on the right. The left is traditional in Western culture, believed to have a vein connecting directly to the heart. But the right hand is common in some European countries. Personal comfort or profession may also dictate right-hand wearing.

Uniqueshaped bands like curved, waved, and asymmetrical are on trend, along with colorful gemstone accents. Mixed metal bands are also popular for self-expression. Engraving and personalized details continue to be popular. Anniversary bands and eternity bands are other wedding band trends right now.

Many customize their bands with engraving or add secondary bands like eternity rings over time to mark anniversaries. Adding complementary matching rings or resizing are popular upgrades over time. Besides, you can consider purchasing a new wedding band to celebrate your unique love story. We offer a customized service and you can design a totally new piece.

Pay attention to the interior shape and width to get a proper fit. The band should slide over knuckles but feel secure beneath them without spinning. Consider tapering from wide to narrow if your fingers are different sizes. Stacked curved bands look best in decreasing widths.