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Wedding Bands

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MOLLYJEWELRY White Gold Moissanite Half Eternity Wedding Band
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Gold Moissanite Pear shaped Lab Alexandrite ring Curved Wedding Band
Moissanite wedding band vintage Baguette cut white gold wedding band
Unique White Gold Oval Cut Moissanite Wedding Band Rings for Women
Unique White Gold wedding band vintage Half eternity Moissanite wedding band
MollyjewelryUS white gold moissanite eternity rings
rose-gold-Unique Full eternity wedding band
Unique Moissanite Engagement Ring White Gold Engagement Ring Simple Solid 14k Moissanite Bridal Wedding Women Promise Anniversary Ring For Her
MollyJewelryUS White Gold Half eternity Baguette cut Moissanite Sapphire wedding band
white-gold Eternity -round-cut-moissanite-wedding-band
MOLLYJEWELRY White Gold Curved Wedding band
MollyJewelryUS Marquise Cut Moissanite White Gold Diamond Open Wedding Band
MollyJewelryUS Unique Double Marquise cut Moissanite wedding band vintage White gold
platinum Moissanite wedding band women Unique White gold
MollyjewelryUS 14K White Gold Moissanite Wedding Band Vintage Promise Ring For Her
MOLLYJEWELRY White Gold Wedding Bands Women 3/4 Eternity Anniversary Bridal Ring

A wedding band complements an engagement ring, symbolizing everlasting love and commitment between partners. Shopping for the perfect ring may seem daunting, but understanding traditions, costs, and options helps you choose meaningful bands for your special day.

A wedding band signifies unity and an unbroken union between spouses. The tradition originated in ancient Egypt, where the oldest recorded exchange of wedding rings occurred in 3,000 B.C. The simple, circular band represented eternity.

During Roman times, rings became more ornate. Ceremonial rings shifted to the fourth finger on the left hand during medieval days as it was believed a vein connected that finger directly to the heart. Over time, wedding bands evolved into symbols of lasting love between partners.

Wedding band prices vary significantly, but on average, you can expect to spend around $600 for a woman’s band as for men’s wedding bands, as being wider, use up more metal material and therefore fluctuate in price more.

The Knot’s 2019 Jewelry and Engagement study reported spending averages:

Prices rise for premium metals, such as platinum, compared to gold or sterling silver. Diamonds and gemstones also increase costs. Set a budget for your wedding expenses and shop with that range in mind.

Selecting wedding bands tailored to each partner’s personality makes them extra meaningful. Here are popular women’s wedding band styles:

  • EternityIf bling’s your thing, there’s no reason that an eternity wedding band couldn’t fulfill the wedding band role! Experience has also taught us that eternity-cum-wedding rings reside in a sweet spot between ‘unconventional’ and ‘suitable. Traditionally, eternity rings are presented to a spouse after the couple has married. They can be given as a gift to commemorate an anniversary of the wedding or perhaps a special occasion that deserves remembrance.
  • Anniversary Anniversary wedding bands typically feature multiple diamonds or gemstones instead of a simple metal band. These rings come in varying levels of complexity, with some being quite simple and others being more intricate. They are able to be stacked with an engagement ring or worn as a standalone fashion piece.
  • Curved Curved wedding bands, notched wedding bands, chevron wedding bands, or V wedding bands are rings designed with curves on one side. The curved edges are often set with sparkling gemstones, designed to fit comfortably alone or perfectly surrounding the center stone of your engagement ring.
  • Plain – A simple, elegant metal-only band that suits any wedding style.

Most men want to surprise their girls with an engagement ring. Therefore, they usually investigate their girlfriends’ preferences secretly rather than asking, so the engagement ring is usually the men’s decision. But for the wedding band, it’s a good idea for you to invite your fiancée to pick it out with you so that she can find her favorite wedding band to go with the engagement ring.