Emerald Rings

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MollyJewelryUS Marquise Cut Emerald Rose Gold Curved Wedding Band
Original price was: USD$289.Current price is: USD$260.
MollyjewelryUS Emerald cut Emerald Engagement Ring
Original price was: USD$450.Current price is: USD$347.
MollyjewelryUS Pear Shaped Emerald Engagement Ring
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MOLLYJEWELRY Rose Gold Lab Emerald Engagement Ring
Original price was: USD$386.Current price is: USD$348.
MollyJewelryUS Oval Cut Lab Emerald Rose Gold Cluster Engagement Ring
MollyJewelryUS Pear Shaped Lab Emerald Rose Gold Cluster Engagement Ring
Rose Gold Emerald Cut Emerald Engagement Ring
Original price was: USD$413.Current price is: USD$339.
MollyJewelryUS Kite Cut Emerald Rose Gold Engagement Ring
Original price was: USD$375.Current price is: USD$300.
MollyJewelryUS Oval Cut Emerald Rose Gold Engagement Ring
Original price was: USD$388.Current price is: USD$320.
MollyJewelryUS Pear Shaped Emerald Rose Gold Engagement Ring
Original price was: USD$350.Current price is: USD$280.
MollyJewelryUS Pear Shaped Emerald Rose Gold Half Eternity Halo Engagement Ring
Original price was: USD$300.Current price is: USD$249.
MollyJewelryUS Marquise Cut Lab Emerald Rose Gold Cluster Engagement Ring
Rose Gold Marquise Cut Emerald Engagement Ring
Original price was: USD$363.Current price is: USD$290.

Recently, colored gemstone engagement rings have become increasingly popular among brides-to-be. As one of the most popular gemstones, emeralds are used in a wide range of jewelry designs, including engagement rings, wedding bands, and other jewelry.

Emerald is typically associated with love, rebirth, and hope, making it a unique and meaningful choice for engagement rings.

Emeralds have been cherished for millennia, dating back to ancient Egypt where Cleopatra was known for her love of the vivid green stones. But what gives emeralds their allure?

  • Rarity: Natural emeralds are rare, found in just a few places worldwide like Colombia, Zambia, and Brazil. This limited supply increases their value. However, lab emeralds offer a more affordable option.
  • Color: Vibrant green hues in emerald stones reflect light beautifully. The most prized color is a vivid bluish-green.
  • Meaning: Their green color symbolizes life, renewal, and healing. They’re thought to bring wisdom, growth, and patience to those who wear them.

People were awestruck by its lively color and shine. Emeralds have an unmistakable elegance.

As alternatives to diamonds, emeralds are excellent choices for engagement and wedding ring designs. Their green color embodies new beginnings, fertility, and the blossoming of love.

In a stunning emerald engagement ring, a 4 carat emerald cut lab emerald dazzled alongside diamond accents. Its bold green hue and Art Deco styling made a statement. According to The Knot’s 2022 Jewelry and Engagement Study, 14% of surveyed brides received colored gemstone engagement rings, with emeralds being a top pick.

For brides drawn to something different, emerald rings allow you to stand out while upholding tradition. Many brides opt for emerald accents on wedding bands too, adding a pop of color and meaning.

For someone who likes to wear emerald jewelry often, proper care is essential. Here are specific tips for caring for your emerald jewelry:

  • Remove emerald rings before cleaning, exercising, swimming, or showering. Even mild soap can damage emerald stones.
  • Store pieces separately to prevent scratching other jewelry. Use soft cloth pouches.
  • Clean with warm water, a soft brush, and mild soap. Avoid harsh chemicals.
  • Consider insuring valuable emerald jewelry in case of damage or loss.

With proper care, quality emerald rings can last decades or longer! Wear your emerald rings on special occasions to preserve their beauty. For everyday wear, gold or silver bands with small emerald accents hold up well.

Emerald imitation stones abound, so to make sure you’re buying a real emerald, here are four tips for identifying the authenticity of an emerald.

  • Clarity: Natural imperfections like fissures are expected in emeralds, indicating authenticity. Fakes often appear too perfect. Lab emerald is sometimes mistaken as fake because they have fewer or no inclusions.
  • Color: Natural emerald colors range from bluish-green to green with a yellow tint. Uniform coloring could indicate a simulated stone.
  • Refraction: Shining a light through an emerald will create a prismatic effect. Synthetic stones won’t disperse light the same way.