Bridal Ring Sets

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MollyJewelryUS Pear Shaped Moissanite Rose Gold Leaf Engagement Ring Set (1)
Original price was: USD$650.Current price is: USD$520.
Moss Agate and Moissanite Leaves Wedding Ring Set Natural Inspired Bridal Ring Set
Original price was: USD$394.Current price is: USD$355.
Original price was: USD$661.Current price is: USD$490.
MOLLYJEWELRY Gold Pear shaped Moissanite Wedding Set
Original price was: USD$464.Current price is: USD$410.
MollyJewelry Pear Shaped Moss Agate Gold Engagement Ring Set
Original price was: USD$770.Current price is: USD$620.
MOLLYJEWELRYUS Moss Agate Rose Gold Engagement Ring Set
Original price was: USD$421.Current price is: USD$380.
Original price was: USD$662.Current price is: USD$533.
MollyjewelryUS Diamond And Sapphire Engagement Ring Set
Original price was: USD$470.Current price is: USD$389.
14k Yellow Gold Moissanite Ring Sets
Original price was: USD$620.Current price is: USD$550.
Original price was: USD$1,197.Current price is: USD$934.
Original price was: USD$450.Current price is: USD$400.
MOLLYJEWELRY Gold Moissanite Wedding Sets
3 Piece Oval Alexandrite Engagement Ring Wedding Ring Set
Original price was: USD$555.Current price is: USD$500.

Browse our already-matched bridal ring sets here, from simplicity to glamour. With an engagement ring and coordinated wedding band(s), bridal ring sets provide the complete jewelry look for saying “I do.”

Learn Everything you need to know from the following bridal ring set FAQs:

A bridal set, also commonly referred to as a wedding set, is an exquisite combination of two rings that denote the union of a couple. The first ring, the engagement ring, is presented during a proposal as a symbol of commitment and love. The second ring, the wedding ring, is exchanged during the marriage ceremony to represent the newlyweds’ unbreakable bond. Wearing both rings together is known as a bridal set, and it signifies the beginning of a happy and prosperous journey together as a married couple.

Bridal sets help you to find two rings with coordinated styles. Many bridal sets also include a third embellished wedding band for adding glamour.

Bridal sets offer many advantages for brides:

Ease – Simple process since rings are pre-matched for you

Cost – Sets may cost less than buying two separate rings

Style – Designed with complementary shapes, metal types, and details

Symbolism – Represents the transition from engagement to marriage

Completeness – Gets both rings at once with a complete jewelry look

For many brides, the effortless style coordination holds the most appeal.

Typically, bridal sets are designed to be worn stacked together to create a complete look:

  • Engagement – Worn on left-hand ring finger until the wedding
  • Ceremony – Add the first matching band during the ceremony
  • Everyday – Stack the engagement ring and first band after the wedding
  • Special occasions – Add a third glamourous wedding band on top

This allows you to modify your look simply by adding or removing bands.

Finding a remarkable bridal set means enjoying complimentary beauty and meaning. Our bridal sets collection helps you to find the rings perfectly stacked together to add glamour. From brilliant moissanite rings to charming gemstone rings, meet your dream bridal jewelry at MollyJewelryUS.

Let your bridal sets shine as a symbol of celebrating the start of your lives together and the union as a wife and husband—the rings you’ll treasure now and always.